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Data Visualization

The purpose of this data visualization chart of Facebook was to show the daily activity that was  used throughout the year.

The data isn’t exactly accurate; not all companies show their figures and most don’t reveal the ratio of manual laborers to executives. But some interesting patterns are shown and it’s clear that some races use theses social networks more than others.

The most interesting one is gender. It is known that  girls use social media and networks more than guys.

“In the last 12 months, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Microsoft hired 1% more women. LinkedIn increased their female staff by 3%. Google’s gender ratio stayed the same. Microsoft gained 3% non-white employees, Facebook 2%; while Google, Apple and eBay increased their non-white staff by 1%. LinkedIn lost 3% of its non-white employees.
Within the companies who expanded their ethnic diversity, Asian staff accounted for the majority of the increase, while the ratio of Hispanic employees remained static. Apple registered the biggest jump: 3% increase in Asian hires.” ( Information is beautiful, 2016)

I thought seeing my activity of Facebook within a year would be interesting to see how much I engage with social media. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you engage in social networks until you see the amount time you spend on it within a year, month, week or even a day.   Journalism 440 assignments

Without Media

A 12 hour period for most people can be very challenging today.  Giving up all use of social media is something that I have always wanted to try, but no use of mobile devices can be hard. I decided to try no social media and mobile devices on April 23, 2016. This was not as challenging as it sounds but it was hard not to use. During work, I usually listen to music but instead I decided to work in silence. Working in silence made the time go pass very slowly. After work I usually check my text messages and all social media networks I am connected too. Not being able to do this wasn’t much of challenge but it made me curious to what was going on campus. There all is always something going on campus and social media is the way to find out. Being that I was busy that Saturday, social media didn’t really affect me as much. I believe it is more easy to handle no social media and mobile devices when you occupy your time with something else or some kind of activity. When you decide not to do anything and not use social media and mobile devices its makes it more difficult to avoid to use. Technology today has caught so much of peoples attention that it makes it hard to find other things that interest society. Most people have to check their phones numerous times a day just to see whats going on. Using mobile devices has its perks and downsides but if used in a positive and educational way, technology wouldn’t be looked at as a distraction.  Journalism 440 assignments